Jake Clark (b. 1985 in Melbourne, Australia) is a sculptor, ceramicist, and painter whose work examines our relationship to contemporary culture and iconography. Clark’s work is rich in historic and artistic references, from Grecian urns and funerary vessels to the work of artists such as David Hockney and Keith Haring. Taking inspiration from the world around him, Clark’s work captures the current moment through its reinterpretation of signs, product branding, and logos. His visual sources extend to supermarkets, restaurant menus, advertisements and visuals such as a street signs and local businesses. Clark’s work has been widely exhibited internationally and featured by a number of publications including Broadsheet.


B.1985, Melbourne, AUS

Currently lives and works in New York, NY



2023              Target Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (forthcoming)

                         Canal Street, albertz benda, New York, NY


2022              At the Carlyle, A Hug From The Art World, New York, NY

                         Halara, Allouche Benias Gallery, Athens, Greece


2021               Miami vice, Bill Brady Gallery, Miami, FL

                         More life, Rodolphe Janssen, New York, NY

                          Icones, Galerie Julian Cadet, Paris, France


2020              All of a sudden, Galeria Mascota, Aspen, CO

                         Half sandwich and matzo ball soup, ATM Gallery, New

                                       York, NY



2023              The New Frontier, Sotheby's, Aspen, CO

                         Think Pinker, Gavlak Gallery, Los Angeles CA

                         The Bunker Artspace, West Palm Beach, FL

                          Felix Art Fair, Gavlak Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


2022              City Lights, albertz benda, Los Angeles, CA

                         Jake Clark and Konstantin Kakanias, Gavlak Gallery,

                                    Palm Beach, FL

                         Art Paris, Rodolphe Janssen, Paris, France

                         Tutti Frutti, Plan X, Milan, Italy

                         Art Basel Miami Beach, Gavlak Gallery, Miami, FL

                         Summer Lovin', Stems Gallery, Paris, France

                         Frieze London, Gavlak Gallery, London, England

                         BRAFA, Rodolphe Janssen, Brussels, Belgium

                         Endless Summer, albertz benda | Friedman Benda,

                                 Los Angeles, CA

                         Romancing Relevance, Woaw Gallery, Hong Kong, China

                         Miam-Miam, Volery Gallery | Galerie Julien Cadet,

                                  Dubai, UAE


2021               Untitled Art Fair, albertz benda, Miami, FL

                         Art Brussels Viewing Rooms, Rodolphe Janssen,

                                    Brussels, Belgium

                         Breakfast Club, Rodolphe Janssen, Brussels, Belgium 


2020              inaugural group show, ATM Gallery, New York, NY


2018               all your favourite friends, Harpers Books, Beverly Hills,

                                    CA & East Hampton, NY