Tony Marsh (b. 1954, New York, NY) is a sculptor and ceramicist based in Long Beach, California. Marsh’s ceramic forms of the past dozen years emerge from his intensive study of ceramic material behavior and thermal adversity, ranging from the topographic and heavily textured surfaces of his Cauldrons and Crucibles series to the vibrant and lustrous glazes of his Spill and Catch works. Referring metaphorically to both geophysical science and artistic forms of creation, Marsh’s vessels explore the highly transformational nature of these materials by posing an argument between gravity and the flow of molten materials through heating and cooling cycles. There is no note taking in his process, making each work an irreplicable product of multiple firings and intuitive addition or subtraction of surface materials.


Marsh has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions since 1992, and his work has been shown at public institutions including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA; the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City, Missouri; Crocker Museum of Art, Sacramento, CA; and the Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, NY. Marsh’s work is in a number of prestigious international collections including the; Metropolitan Museum of Art NY, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, CA; Museum of Art & Design, New York, NY; and the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, TX among others.

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B. 1954, New York, NY  

Currently lives and works in Long Beach, CA  



1988                MFA, New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University

1981–1978      Apprenticeship with Tatsuzō Shimaoka, Shimaoka Pottery,

                          Mashiko, Japan  

1978                 BFA, California State University, Long Beach, CA  



Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, NY 

Museum of Art & Design, New York 

Metropolitan Museum of Art , New York 

Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles

Museum of Contemporary International Ceramic Art, Inchon, South Korea

The Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento 

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston 

San Jose Museum of Art 

Boise Art Museum, Idaho 

Oakland Museum of Art 

The Archie Bray Collection, Helena, Mo 

Minneapolis Institute for the Arts 

Taipei Ceramics Museum, Taiwan 

Maher Collection, Scripps College, Claremont 

Racine Art Museum, Racine WI 

Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art, Toronto 

Newark Museum of Art, Newark, New Jersey 

The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu, HI 

ASU Art Museum, Tempe, Arizona 

Foshan Museum of Contemporary Art, Foshan, China 

Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach, CA 

Daum Museum, Missouri 

Cranbrook Museum of Art 

Orange County Museum of Art

Resnik Collection of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles 

Foothills Art Center, Golden, Colorado 

Mendocino Art Center 

General Mills Corporation 

Alfred University 

Monterey Museum of Art 

Napa College 

Walnut Creek Art Center 

Takumi Folk Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 

JINRO Cultural Foundation, Seoul, Korea 

Hong-Ik University, Seoul, South Korea 

Palo Alto Cultural Center 

Downey Museum of Art 

Anderson Consulting, Los Angeles 

AT&T Headquarters Cerritos, CA 



2023          Fever Dreams Duets, albertz benda, Los Angeles 


2022          Brilliant Earth: The Ceramic Sculpture of Tony MarshLong

                                 Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach, CA 


2021           Tony Marsh: New Work: Neo-Crucibles, Lora Reynolds Gallery,

                                 Austin, TX 

                     Thomas Fougeirol and Tony Marsh (two-person exhibition), albertz

                                 bendaNew York, NY 


2020          Sarah Amos | Tony Marsh (two-person exhibition), Patricia Sweetow

                                 Gallery, San Francisco, CA  


2019            Like Water Uphill, The Pit, Los Angeles, CA  

                      True North, Koenig & Clinton, Brooklyn, NY  

                      Cauldrons & Crucibles: In search of the sublime, Lora Reynolds

                                Gallery, Austin, TX  


2018            Peter’s Projects, Santa Fe, NM  

                      Harvey Meadows Gallery, Aspen, CO  

                      Sokyo Gallery, Kyoto, JP  


2015            Pierre Marie Giraud Gallery, Brussels, BE  


2014            Harvey Meadows Gallery, Aspen, CO  

                      Hedge Gallery, San Francisco, CA  


2012            Pierre Marie Giraud, Brussels, BE  

                      Hedge Gallery, San Francisco, CA  


2009           Frank Lloyd Gallery, Los Angeles, CA  


2008           Galerie Pierre Marie Giraud, Brussels, BE  


2007            Frank Lloyd Gallery, Los Angeles, CA  


2006            Harvey Meadows Gallery, Aspen, CO  


2004            Frank Lloyd Gallery, Los Angeles, CA  


2002            Garth Clark Gallery, New York, NY  

                       Chosun Gallery, Seoul, KR


2001             Frank Lloyd Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 


2000            Garth Clark Gallery, New York, NY  


1998              Frank Lloyd Gallery, Los Angeles, CA  


1997              Garth Clark Gallery, New York, NY  


1996              Frank Lloyd Gallery, Los Angeles, CA  

                       Garth Clark Gallery, New York, NY  


1995              Garth Clark Gallery, New York, NY  


1994              Winfield Gallery, Carmel, CA  

                        Toh-Art Space, Seoul, KR  


1993              Garth Clark Gallery, Los Angeles, CA  




2022             Material Knowledge, Arsenal Contemporary Art, New York, NY 

                        Painting in the Dark, James Cohan, New York, NY 


2021              Ceramic Now!, Galerie Italienne, Paris, FR 

                        THIS IS AMERICA, Kunstraum Potsdam, Berlin, DE  


2020             Pacific Coast Ceramics, Galeria Mascota, Aspen, CO 

                         45 at 45, L.A, Louver, Los Angeles, CA  

                         Object & Thing, Noyes House, New Canaan, CT  

                         Andrea Gill, John Gill, Tony Marsh, Harvey Preston Gallery,

                                 Aspen, CO


2019              Material Properties, albertz benda, New York, NY  

                        Cool Clay: Recent Acquisitions of Contemporary Ceramics,

                              Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA  

                        +8–, SHOP Taka Ishii Gallery, Hong Kong, CN 

                        CLAY, Nancy Hoffman Gallery, New York, NY  

                       Visceral Clay: Look don't touch, curated by Mark Del Vecchio,

                               Peters Projects, Santa Fe, NM  

                       Tony Marsh - Nancy Selvin - Linda Sormin, Patricia Sweetow

                               Gallery, San Francisco, CA  


2018              Steve Turner Gallery, Los Angeles, CA  


2017              Funk to Punk, Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, NY  


2015              Harvey Meadows Gallery, Aspen, CO  

                        Cheongju International Craft Biennale, Cheongju, KR

                        West Coast, Seven LA Artists, Lefebvre & Fils, Paris, FR  


2009              Variations of White, Galerie Pierre Marie Giraud, Brussels, BE


2005               Frank Lloyd Gallery, Santa Monica, CA  

                          Japan/USA: A Cross Cultural Exchange, Santa Fe Clay,

                                  Santa Fe, NM  

                          Contemporary Ceramics, San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, CA