Felipe Pantone Returns to Albertz Benda NYC with 'METALLIC CONTACT'

Katya Wachtel, Hypebeast, March 23, 2022

Felipe Pantone’s mesmerizing art will be hitting stateside early next month in a new solo exhibition, titled METALLIC CONTACT. Housed at NYC’s Albertz Benda gallery, which is currently showcasing a new body of work by Cleon Peterson, Pantone returns to the US after a nearly three-year hiatus.


Utilizing an aesthetic that is rooted in the digital world, the Valencia-based artist builds his glitchy textures through a combination of high-tech manufacturing tools and more immediate mediums, such as spray paint. With each new series, Pantone continues to develop a visual lexicon that investigates the way in which our lives are being mediated through technology.


Physical interaction has always been a focal point in Pantone’s work. His previous show with the gallery, CONTACTLESS, which went on view back in the summer of 2020, introduced touchless ways in which the audience could interact with his sculptures and paintings. METALLIC CONTACT reinvites guests back to the gallery space through an exacting choice of colors, textures and materials. The exhibition will go on view at Albertz Benda NYC from April 7 to May 14.

Albertz Benda
515 W 26th St,
New York, NY 10001