L.A. Gallery Spotlight: Albertz Benda / Friedman Benda

Ryma Chikhoune, WWD, February 16, 2023

Among the many galleries exhibiting during Frieze is Albertz Benda/Friedman Benda.


Located in a residential neighborhood at 8260 Marmont Lane — by Chateau Marmont — the space currently presents three shows unveiled on Feb. 15: “Do You See Me?,” with Dustin Harwood, Lanise Howard, Larissa De Souza, Natalie Wadlington and Robert Peterson; “Cine São José” by Estúdio Campana, and “Making Space: Tracing Tomorrow” by Ebitenyefa Baralaye. Albertz Benda/Friedman Benda first opened in New York City’s Chelsea before expanding to L.A. last year. Unlike its New York spaces, traditional white cubes kept separate, in L.A. the contemporary art and design are united under one roof.


“New York has been the center of the art world, but it’s also developed strict restraints,” says founding partner Thorsten Albertz, asked about the opposing markets. Bicoastal, he spent 16 years in New York before moving to L.A. “It has rules and regulations — the art business as an institution. There are a lot more possibilities in L.A. I see it much more as a welcoming experimental playground.”


How do the buyers differ?


“New York is great but very transactional,” he adds. “People usually know what to expect and come to make decisions. Here in L.A., I feel it’s community based. People like to linger with art, like to experience it, talk about it and make a decision down the line, not right there and then. Everything here maybe takes a little longer, but it’s also absorbed differently.”