The 9 Must-See Museum Exhibitions of Summer 2021

Helen Holmes , The Observer, June 1, 2021
After a year in isolation, art fans are scrambling to visit their favorite institutions and museums are looking to impress.


In the previous year, the services that museums provided were largely denied to the public as facilities were shut down, educational programming was slashed and art became something you could only really access on your laptop and smartphone. Now, as the world opens back up, people are clamoring for museum exhibitions that will make them feel refreshed, invigorated and challenged after many months of death and turmoil. Some of these shows stare directly at the chasm caused by the pandemic; others, in a spirit of transcendence or fascination with the heavens, have little to do with the chaos of life on Earth at present. Regardless, museums are back, and they’re hoping you still have time for them.


“Brie Ruais: Movement at the Edge of the Land” at the Moody Center for the Arts, Houston (June 5)

Five years ago, Brooklyn-based artist Brie Ruais struck out for the west, looking for renewed inspiration and a total change of pace. She found a home in the Great Basin Desert of Nevada and began to use her body to trace marks on the earth. Movement at the Edge of the Land, the artist’s upcoming exhibition at the Moody Center for the Arts, runs parallel to these themes: Ruais uses her own physical features and body in order to create clay sculptures that evoke a visceral connection with both the land, and hopefully, ourselves.