Brooklyn Artists Hit the Beach at Untitled and Scope Art Fairs

Vittoria Benzine, Brooklyn Magazine, December 4, 2021

Art Basel may be the bigger name, but there was plenty to soak in at Miami's other art fairs this week


The Untitled Art Fair and Scope Art Fair both take place during Miami Art Week, on the actual sands of South Beach. Throughout the weekend, each event holds its own at the same time as heavyweight Art Basel, with renowned artists blazing their own way in the international community. As with Basel, Brooklyn-based artists abound


Untitled Art Fair

Since 2012, Untitled Art Fair has inhabited that sweet spot between unorthodox and intellectual, ushering in the art world’s new vanguard. Running through December 4, it is one of the best events during Miami Art Week revelry to get a glimpse of the hottest rising talents. Benzine, Vittoria. “Brooklyn Arttists Hit the Beach at Untitled and Scope Art Fairs" brooklyn mag. 04 December 2021. Meanwhile, Chelsea gallery stronghold Albertz Benda is showing works by two Brooklyn artists at their Untitled booth. Brie Ruais offers an incredible 130-pound artwork of glazed stoneware titled “Spreading Outward, Opening Inward.” In an Instagram caption, Ruais notes, “Sometimes a piece turns out more floral than I anticipate, and though it is never really the intention, I do find it interesting that this circular form I work with conjures the ephemeral beauty of flowers.” Chloe Chiasson is also showing a multimedia portrait titled “Southern Belle,” depicting an androgynous figure rooted in the liminal space between society’s binary gender matrix.