Natalie Wadlington's Domestic Explorations Come to albertz benda, NY

Widewalls, September 8, 2022
Her recent works, destined for albertz benda, shows human activities in their domestic passivity.

Natalie Wadlington is having her NY solo debut at albertz benda from September 9th to October 8th. Stretching across different media such as sculpture, painting, and drawing, the artist’s domestic explorations will lure the viewers into an intricate network of humanity and its manifestations. 


Front Yards, Back Yards solo exhibition features Wadlington’s highly stylized representations of personal domestic experiences undertaken when no one but our pets seem to be looking. Autobiographical and transcendent at the same time, the artist’s imagination exudes feelings of anxiety, fear, but also excitement and sense of discovery. Her work ultimately shines light on those fleeting, liminal, in-between moments when unbeknown to us real life happens.