Felipe Pantone: Prospective

Kunsthal, Rotterdam, NL

Colour, light, and movement are central to the work of the Argentinian-Spanish artist Felipe Pantone (1986, Buenos Aires). With his background in graffiti art, and inspired by the work of kinetic artists like Carlos Cruz-Diez and Jesús Rafael Soto, Pantone's present-day work evokes a sensation of optical vibration. Especially for the exhibition at the Kunsthal he has created a site-specific installation which, together with a selection of existing and new works, will transform HALL 4 and the adjoining 'lazy stairs', into an explosion of colour. The exhibition Prospective transports you to Pantone's futuristic world where technology and street art meet.

To Pantone, light and colour form the essence of visual art. In his work he is fascinated by the speed of digital images and explores the transition of the analogue image of the past to the digitised image of the present, while also looking forward to the ultra-dynamic image of the future. Pantone compares the tempo of spraying graffiti to the speed of new technologies and translates these into brightly coloured murals, paintings, (video) installations, and sculptures. Pantone uses a variety of computer software elements, such as glitches, pixels, and QR-codes, and incorporates these in abstract, colourful compositions. In doing so, he makes the usual states of affairs in the digital world tangible to us.

April 29 - October 1, 2023