Timothy Curtis in 100 Drawings from Now

The Drawing Center, New York, NY

Featuring drawings made by an international group of artists since early 2020, 100 Drawings from Now provides a snapshot of artistic production during a period of profound global unrest that has resulted from the ongoing health and economic crises, as well as a surge of activism in response to systemic racism, social injustice, and police brutality in the United States. Together, the works in the exhibition spotlight the urgency, intimacy, and universality of drawing during moments of upheaval and isolation.

In Torkwase Dyson’s words, “I’m drawing now because I need to….I feel a chorus in my space of solitude and I’m making because of it.” 100 Drawings from Now amplifies this chorus, showing the myriad ways that drawing can act as a vital connective force, a respite, a demonstration of pain or anger in the face of injustice, and an essential expression of one’s humanity.


"During the pandemic lockdown, I started using drawing methods and practices that I usd the last time I was in lockdown- mostly charcoal, graphite, and pen on paper. I started drawing the presidents' caskets in the hope that life would imitate art (as they say). I left behind fingerprints as a trace of my existence, which the system has tried taking from me- fingersprinting me dozens of times for daily updates to my parole supervison files."

           - Timothy Curtis

October 7, 2020