Chloe Chiasson awarded Fountainhead Residency

Fountainhead Residency, Miami, Florida

Open house: Thursday March 23, 2023


Fountainhead elevates the voices, visibility and value of artists in our society and makes their work accessible in a welcoming and inclusive environment.


Offering a year-round residency program, flexible and affordable artists’ studios, Miami’s only countywide open studios event, and a series of career-focused programs, Fountainhead empowers artists to build thriving careers while cultivating and nurturing a community that supports them and their work.


Harnessing the power in our diversity, Fountainhead is building a global family of artists and appreciators, one personal connection at a time.


Born in a conservative small town in Texas, Chloe Chiasson’s sculptural paintings explore sexuality and identity in environments like that of her childhood. Her depictions of queer love, friendship, and self-expression are contextualized into a world where mutability wouldn’t be necessary for survival, where freedom stretches to take on more meaning and that exchanges rigid social norms for hopeful, fluid possibility. Provided by intimate views into history as well as a personal lifetime, Chiasson’s large-scale worlds shine a light on radical love and acceptance, the open mesh of possibilities, gaps, overlaps, dissonances, resonances, lapses and excesses of meaning that constitute queerness itself.

March 1, 2023