Chloe Chiasson in Rising Voices 2.0, The Bennett Prize for Women Figurative Realist Painters

Muskegon Museum of Art, Muskegon, Michican

May 28 - September 5, 2021


We are pleasede to announce that Chloe Chaisson was a finalist for the Rising Voices 2: The Bennett Prize for Women Figurative Realist Painters and was included in the 2021 exhibition. 


The Bennett Prize comes as a growing number of women painters pursue figurative realism to portray the human diversity that both enriches and confounds the world today. Figurative realist painting features the human form in all of its diversity. The genre has an important role to play in contemporary society, where we are struggling to understand both our differences and our commonalities. Art expands what we see and how we interpret what we see.


By propelling the careers of women painters who have not yet realized full professional recognition, empowering new artists and those who have painted for many years, and showcasing talented women figurative painters, The Prize will encourage women painters to take their place among the most celebrated painters, often men, dominating the art world today. The Prize will also expand opportunities for the public, who may not be familiar with figurative realist painting, to learn more about the creative vision of talented women artists in this increasingly popular genre.

May 28, 2021