Rafael Baron in Crônicas Cariocas

Museu de Arte do Rio, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

September 25, 2021 - July 31, 2022


What stories are still worth telling? How to proceed in the face of so many narratives about the end? Will life, which has become more of a gift each day, still restore our joy and hope?


It was these and many other questions that led us to build Crônicas Cariocas, an exhibition that listens to the city of Rio de Janeiro in its babbling, in the meeting of the sidewalks, in the cries of the criers, in the relations with the neighborhood, in the hope of opening the windows and seeing that the smile is still worth it, that the tear will be shared, that in any sign there will be someone juggling far more complex than the balance of balls and clubs.


Here, we hear the Rio of the grandmothers, those who best know how to tell stories and, in each one, a lesson about life, birth and death. The Rio of the crossroads and its pagan gods, gypsies, rascals, celebrations of praise and syncretism.


We want to hear Rio from the trains, in wagons where poets always fit. Otherwise, accompany the children, the Eres, in search of joy. Denounce the disappearance of bus lines that took us to work and leisure. Cutting through the broken city and exposing its scars, that of injustice and abandonment. Narrating the Rio that adorns itself and looks like a rich person who pretends not to see the suburbs and peripheries.


We are going to tell you a city that at night is enchanted, deceived and dances in the gafieiras, inviting you to spin in the fields of desire beyond all adversity. This same, this city that shows solidarity and is proud to see the victory of those who went through the end of the world.

September 25, 2021