Brie Ruais featured in TWO x TWO For AIDS and Art

Annual Contemporary Art Auction, Dallas, Texas

October 2019 


TWO x TWO for AIDS and Art is an annual black-tie gala and contemporary art auction held at The Rachofsky House in Dallas, Texas. Thanks to the phenomenal support of the participating artists, dealers, sponsors, and patrons, TWO x TWO has raised over $84 million in its 21-year history in support of amfAR’s AIDS research initiatives and the Dallas Museum of Art’s contemporary art acquisitions and exhibitions.


TWO x TWO for AIDS and Art has evolved into a series of social events designed to highlight the efforts of amfAR and engage the arts community in Dallas. TWO x TWO has become the largest fundraiser in the United States for amfAR. TWO x TWO is also the largest single annual source of funds for contemporary art acquisitions at the DMA, enabling the addition of over 275 major works of contemporary art to its permanent collection and helping to fund remarkable contemporary exhibitions. It is the extraordinary generosity, passion, and dedication at the heart of this endeavor that ensure the continued success of TWO x TWO for AIDS and Art.

- - - 

The physicality of the body merges with the elemental properties of clay in Brie Ruais’ work. In her From Center series, Ruais starts with a mass of clay equal to her body weight (as she does in other series) and works from the center to push the clay outward. Marks made by her fingers, heels, and elbows are evidence of the intensely physical process as Ruais tests the physical and psychological limits of her body in relation to the material. Ruais’ work has been shown at galleries and institutions throughout the US, and her work is in the collections of the Dallas Museum of Art; the Pizzuti Collection; and the Burger Collection, Hong Kong.

October 1, 2020