Brie Ruais in This Earth: Notes and Observations by Montello Foundation Artists

The Southern Utah Museum of Art, Cedar City, Utah

October 16 - December 23, 2021


The audience experiences nature from artists’ perspectives. While we were presenting finished work of 37 artists who have been artists-in-residence at the Montello Foundation retreat, it is the processes of the artists that were the focus of the exhibition. The guiding principals of the show were the artists’ various approaches and personal relationships to nature. Documentary photography was shown alongside abstract paintings, alongside intimate drawings, and also large-scale sculpture.


This Earth  is organized in four sections: 

• Observing Nature 

• In Dialog with Nature 

• Human Interaction with Nature 

• Preserving Nature


Observing Nature is focused on the great tradition of artists as observers and note takers. While some meticulously record the sights and sounds experienced in nature, others abstract these observations, while others are focused on transcendental experiences with nature.


In dialog with nature presents a number of artists working with natural elements and materials, transforming them with their practice. Others recreate aspects of nature, allowing the audience to witness a dialog between artist and nature.

Human interaction with nature finds artists focused on the effect humans have on the natural world. Some artists display well-meaning and caring interactions, while others show the devastating outcomes humans have on nature.

October 16, 2021