Brie Ruais: Movement at the Edge of the Land
June 5 - August 28, 2021
The Moody Center for the Arts

Brie Ruais: Movement at the Edge of the Land, the first institutional solo exhibition of the Brooklyn-based sculptor Brie Ruais, opened at the Moody Center for the Arts in Houston, TX.


Brie Ruais’ movement-based practice is legible through the scrapes, gouges, and gestures embedded in the surfaces and forms of the ceramic works. Each sculpture is made with the equivalent of her body weight in clay, resulting in human-scale works that forge an intimacy with the viewer’s body. Through her collaborative engagement with raw materials like clay, dirt, and gravel, Ruais’s work generates a physical and sensorial experience that calls us to examine our relationship to the land.

The exhibition features a monumental installation of ceramic works, created specifically for the exhibition, and displayed in dialogue with a series of new photographs and a video installation that document ephemeral interventions on the land.

Arranged on both the floor and walls, the sculptures interact with the galleries and the Rice campus, referencing the post-industrial transformation of the American West. A site-specific work in two parts engages both the natural grounds outside the building, as well as the man-made container within.

Brie Ruais: Movement at the Edge of the Land
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