Felipe Pantone: Metallic Contact

April 7 - May 14, 2022

albertz benda, New York

Felipe Pantone: Metallic Contact - Exhibitions

Felipe Pantone: Metallic Contact, albertz benda, NY. April 7 - May 14, 2022. 

Photo: Thomas Mueller 

New York, NY - albertz benda is excited to present Felipe Pantone: Metallic Contact, the artist’s second show with the gallery, on view from April 7 to May 14, 2022.


Pantone’s practice is rooted in the visual language of the virtual world, expressed through an exacting approach to physical material.  He brings together the precision of high-tech manufacturing tools with the immediacy of spray paint and the direct intervention of the artist’s hand: such as combining manually applied enamel with digital UV paint. With each body of work, Pantone continues to develop his language of abstraction that addresses the ways in which our lives are mediated through technology.


The artist fuses his interest in Op art and Kinetic art – which encourage viewers to reflect on their perception of space and movement – with his inventive approach towards contemporary technologies. Pantone’s latest body of work evokes the gleaming, streamlined aesthetics of the tech hardware and avant-garde architecture that shape our daily lives, while maintaining an emphasis on color, patterning, and surface that transcends a particular time or place.


Pantone’s previous show at the gallery, realized at the height of the pandemic, introduced touchless ways to interact with his kinetic sculptures and mixed media paintings: through VR and apps that allowed for remote control.  For Metallic Contact, as viewers can visit galleries once again, Pantone renews his emphasis on the physical properties of his materials with a particular focus on the textures and presence of metal.




Felipe Pantone [b. 1986, Buenos Aires, Argentina] lives and works in Valencia, Spain.  Drawn to art through graffiti at the age of twelve, Pantone went on to receive a degree in Fine Art from University in Valencia.  Recent exhibitions include 'Contactless', albertz benda, New York (2020); Beyond the Streets New York (2019) and Los Angeles (2018) curated by Roger Gastman; Art from the Streets, ArtScience Museum, Singapore (2018); Chromadynamica Dimensional, Mesa Contemporary Arts Center, Mesa, AZ (2017); and Vitality and Verve at the Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach CA (2016).

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